Worldwide Effort for Social Equity in Employment (WE SEE)

Here at Skill Board, we care about giving back to the community. We are serious about social responsibility and passionate about workforces becoming more inclusive and diverse by certifying skills on a global scale.

Giving Back to ‘We See’

By giving back, we want to support the development of people from all walks of life, including those from varying cultures and backgrounds. In this spirit, we will seek to direct 1% of all our revenue from the “Skill Board Exam Fee” to corporate social responsibility. Our board of governors will channel this money into what we call our ‘Worldwide Effort for Social Equity in Employment’ initiatives including development and training for persons of color, persons with disabilities, veterans, and many others in the communities we operate.

Focusing On the Person

We believe in celebrating the unique skills that everyone has to offer, while focusing on recognizing the industry domains, technology tools and professional skills that people may possess. “We See” potential in everyone and want to assist all those in need with progression into their chosen route of employment. We want people to certify with us to help them showcase their skill set. With Skill Board, their business and technology skills will now be recognized officially, and our certification will enable people to achieve their potential that they never knew would have been possible for them.

Celebrating Knowledge and Skills

Skill Board validates skills in industry operations and technology tools. Our drive is to help professionals highlight their skills with certifications. This, in turn, will attract the attention of their current and future employers and will help them to meet their ultimate career goals. Current and future employees are all too aware of the workplace barriers that exist. Skill Board certifications will help these employees remove some of the barriers and take steps into the next stage of their working life. Through this process, we are passionate about ensuring that the barriers are removed, helping future generations to find their path in life without the obstacles faced by current workforces.