Certified Foundational Associate - Banking Operations

At the core, banking involves accepting deposits and providing loans to individuals as well as businesses, and facilitating the movement of money on behalf of customers. A well-functioning financial system is fundamental to a modern economy, and banks perform this important function. Banks earn their revenue from fees and interest rate income by facilitating lending, money movements, cash management, foreign exchange services, selling third party investment products and advisory services.


Foundational Associate - Banking Operations certification is issued to candidates who pass the online remote proctored assessment. It certifies that the holder of the certificate has demonstrated foundational knowledge of banking business, including:

Knowledge of business of banking, core banking services and channels.
Understanding of cards, payments, lending and regulatory frameworks in the banking industry.
Client onboarding and life cycle management.

Next available assessment date:

Jun 10
Online verifiable
Digital credentials verifiable via credly.com
Easily Shareable
Directly share digital badge on LinkedIn or display on resume
Who should get certified
  • Students aspiring to pursue a career in the banking and financial services industry.
  • Developers, QAs and Business Analysts with less than 1 year experience who want to learn about banking technology and operations.
Candidates are evaluated for
  • Knowledge of retail banking products, channels and operations. 
  • Knowledge of core banking systems. 
  • Knowledge of cards, payments and loan products. 
  • Knowledge of regulatory frameworks in the banking industry.
Maintaining the certification
  • Certified Associates required to recertify after 3 years for Associates and 5 years for Professionals, by either taking a recertification assessment or through continuing education credits.
  • Continuing education credits may be earned by taking industry certifications, participating in industry conferences, including professional presentations, and writing industry thought papers published on skillboard.org or other online forums.
Assessment weightage by Knowledge Area

Banking Products

Deposit Products, Credit Products, Investment Products, Fee Services.


Banking Channels

Branch Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Alternate Channels.


Retail Banking

Deposit Accounts, Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, Mortgages, Auto Loans.



Card Types & Providers, Card Networks, Card Payment Lifecycle Processes, Participants, Merchant Onboarding.



Payment Lifecycle, Payment Instruments, Domestic Payments, Real-Time Payments, Cross Border Payments.



Mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Asset Backed Commercial Lending, Collateral Management.


Risk & Regulations

KYC Compliance, AML Compliance, Risk Management, BASEL Compliance.