Certified Business Analyst - Agile Projects

In the last decade Agile has greatly increased success rates in software development, improved quality, speed to market, and boosted the motivation and productivity of IT teams. Agile development emphasize on collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams and Business Analysts as part of the team plays key roles in enabling delivery of technology solutions that drive customer value.


Certified Business Analyst - Agile Projects certification evaluates candidates for business analysis process knowledge, process modeling knowledge. fundamental knowledge of Agile software development processes, team roles, user story development, backlog refinement, defining acceptance criteria, and best practices in Agile development that enables efficient software delivery.

Next available assessment date:

Jun 10
Online verifiable
Digital credentials verifiable via credly.com
Easily Shareable
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Who should get certified
  • Business Analyst with experience working on Agile IT project.
  • Developers and QAs with 1+ years of experience working on Agile IT projects.
  • Business operations associates who are exploring careers opportunities in information technology.
Candidates are evaluated for
  • Knowledge of business analysis processes across traditional and Agile SDLC methodologies.
  • Knowledge of basic IT concepts and business analysis tools.
Maintaining the certification
  • Certified Associates are required to recertify after 3 years by either taking a recertification assessment or through continuing education credits.
  • Continuing education credits may be earned by taking equivalent or higher industry certification.
Assessment weightage by Knowledge Area

Software Development Lifecycle & IT Basics

Waterfall and Iterative Software Development Lifecycle, Agile Software Development, Software Project Lifecycles, IT Application and Database basics.


Business Analysis Process

Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Documentation (BRD/FRS/SRS), Requirements Prioritization and Maintenance.

10 - 20 %

Agile Software Development Concepts & Terminologies

Agile Frameworks, Product vision, MVP, Value Stream Mapping, Product backlog, Release backlog, Sprint goal and Sprint backlog, Backlog refinement, Epics, Features, User Story, Task, Business Value, Acceptance criteria, Defining Done, Prioritization, Estimation, Technical spike, Release management, Burndown chart, Technical debt, Scrum Team Roles & Ceremonies.


Requirement & User story development

Requirements discovery, Business Value, Story Grooming, Epic breakdown, Three c's and INVEST principle for user stories, User story splitting.


Agile Best Practices

Stakeholder engagement, Communication, User requirement analysis, Agile ceremonies Change management, Estimation.


Visual Modeling

Use Case and Process Flow Diagrams, Business Process Modeling, BPMN Notations, Wireframes.


Applied Business Analyst Skills

Applied Problem Solving Skills, Critical Thinking, Conflict Resolution, Stakeholder Management.