Certified Associate - Property & Casualty Insurance

General insurance or often referred to as property and casualty insurance includes automobile and homeowner policies and provides payments depending on the loss from a particular general insurance financial event.


Skill Board Professional certification in General Insurance evaluates candidates for fundamental knowledge of insurance policy lifecycles, products, distribution, risk underwriting, policy administration, claims management, technology platforms and the skills to resolve common business problems in operations and technology that enable Insurance firms to deliver services to clients. The assessment process includes evaluation of candidate’s professional experience, an interview with Skill Board Industry practice leaders, and may include an online remote proctored test.


Candidates can choose between two certification options:


  • Certified Business Operations Professional (CBOA) - General Insurance certification is issued to candidates with 1+ years of career experience in insurance business operations and successfully pass the assessment for the CBOP - General Insurance certification.


  • Certified Business Technology Professional (CBTA) - General Insurance certification is issued to candidates with 1+ years of career experience in insurance technology and successfully pass the assessment for the CBTP - General Insurance certification.

Next available assessment date:

Jun 10
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Who should get certified
  • Business Analysts with 2+ years of experience working in insurance. 
  • Developers and QAs with 1+ years of experience working on insurance. 
  • Business Operations Associates with 2+ years of experience working in insurance.
  • Insurance professionals who are exploring careers opportunities in information technology. 
Candidates are evaluated for
  • Understanding of principles of general insurance products, distribution and policy lifecycles.
  • Understanding of the underwriting process.
  • Understanding of policy administration & claims management.
  • Understanding of technology systems supporting the general insurance business process.
Maintaining the certification
  • Certified Associates are required to recertify after 3 years either by taking a recertification assessment or through continuing education credits.
  • Continuing education credits may be earned by taking industry certifications, participating in industry conferences including professional presentations and writing industry thought papers that get published on skillboard.org or other online forums.
Assessment weightage by Knowledge Area

General Insurance Basics

Insurance Principles, General Insurance Products such as Automobile, House, Health, Fire, Marine and Engineering, Liability, Travel Coverages, Insurance Policy Lifecycles.


Marketing & Distribution

Distribution Channels, Marketing and Controls.


Pricing & Underwriting

Pricing, Rating Factors, Pricing Elements, Underwriting & Controls.


Policy Administration

Address changes, Premium Payments Processing, Policy Termination & Reinstatement, Policy Conversion and Assignments, Beneficiary Changes, Dividend Distributions, Policyholder Communications.


Claim Administration

Claims Workflow, Evaluation, Investigation, Proceeds, Approval and Settlement, Claims Fraud and Denials, Claim Administration and Controls.


Financial Management

Financial Accounting, Investment Management and Operations, Treasury Operations.



Reinsurance Basics and Administration.


Technology (for CBTA certification)

Functional Architecture, CRM System, Product and Policy Administration Systems, Billing and Payments Systems, Claims Management Systems, Correspondence Systems, Marketing Systems, Customer and Agent Education Systems, Accounting Systems, Human Resources Systems and Call Centre Systems.